Wild – CD


Ilan Salem

Format: CD

Explore the natural realm with Ilan Salem’s “Wild,” where each track is a sonic journey through untouched wilderness. Salem’s flute leads with ethereal elegance, blending with primal beats and evocative melodies, offering a refuge of musical serenity.

Wild – CD

Immerse yourself in the musical landscape of Ilan Salem's "Wild," an album that traverses the untouched terrains of creativity. The album is a musical epitome of untamed wilderness, echoing the unfettered spirit of nature through its euphonious tracks. Ilan, with his adept artistry, leads us on a trail of audial exploration, each composition springing forth like a natural element awaiting recognition.

As you traverse through the album, the evocative melodies in tracks like "Mystic River" and "Forest Whisper" cascade like a gently flowing stream, soothing your senses. The primal beats in "Heartbeat of the Wild" reverberate as the core rhythm of nature, reminding us of our inherent connection to the Earth. Salem's flute, a signature echo throughout the album, acts as a guide, narrating tales of the wilderness with an ethereal elegance.

"Ilan's Haven," a standout track, invites listeners into Salem's musically embellished sanctuary where each note blossoms with a sense of purity and freedom. The layers of melody intertwine seamlessly, forming a lush canopy of sound under which listeners may find solace and inspiration. The intertwining instrumental harmonies evoke a sense of boundless exploration, akin to wandering amidst a dense, enchanted forest.

The album's production is meticulous, preserving the raw essence of each instrument while allowing for a crystalline clarity of sound. The nuanced balance between the modern production quality and the primal narrative creates a soundstage where tradition meets contemporaneity, giving "Wild" a timeless appeal. The instrumental acuity provides a dense, yet accessible, musical foliage for listeners to traverse.

The thematic coherence of "Wild" portrays a sense of earnest exploration, a journey both inwards and outwards. It underscores the symbiotic relationship between nature and music, where each track is a reflection of the organic and unscripted beauty inherent in both. The album, much like nature, does not demand attention, but gently invites listeners to delve deeper, discover, and perhaps rediscover the innate wildness within.

In conclusion, "Wild" by Ilan Salem is not just an album; it's an experiential narrative that engages the listener in a dialogue with nature. It's an invitation to escape the mundane and venture into a musical wilderness where every note resonates with the untamed beauty and profound serenity of the natural world. Ilan Salem, through "Wild," offers a refuge for the spirit, a musical sanctum where the wild and serene coalesce into a poetic symphony.


  1. Wild East
  2. Ballad Of A Stream And The Sea
  3. Bad Boy
  4. Zameru
  5. Neula
  6. Blessing
  7. Le Troubadour
  8. Going Wild
  9. Song For Anna
  10. Anna Boei
  11. Ann's Tune