Gently Disturbed – CD


Avishai Cohen Trio

Format: CD

Avishai Cohen’s “Gently Disturbed” revolutionizes modern jazz with a dynamic trio and standout tracks like “Chutzpan.” The album masterfully blends complex rhythms and global influences, solidifying Cohen as a contemporary jazz visionary.

Gently Disturbed – CD

Delve into the musical intricacies and emotional layers of Avishai Cohen’s "Gently Disturbed," an album that leaves an indelible impression on the landscape of contemporary jazz. Known for his virtuosic skill as a bassist, Cohen presents this album as a groundbreaking chapter in his prolific career, offering a sublime fusion of modern jazz aesthetics with global rhythmic elements.

At the core of "Gently Disturbed" is the trio of Avishai Cohen on double bass, Shai Maestro on piano, and Mark Guiliana on drums, a lineup that promises—and delivers—musical synergy and technical finesse. Each artist contributes to the album's diverse range, from the soul-stirring melodies of "Chutzpan" to the rhythmic intricacies of "The Ever Evolving Etude." The collaboration is palpable in every note, creating a cohesive narrative that is both engaging and emotionally resonant.

This album goes beyond traditional jazz confines, incorporating elements of Eastern European folk, Latin rhythms, and even Middle Eastern scales. The resultant compositions offer a panoramic view of Cohen’s vision as an artist, presenting tracks that are both individual masterpieces and integral parts of a larger musical story.

Tracks like "Variations in G Minor" and "Pinzin Kinzin" serve as examples of the trio's exquisite synergy, with the musicians navigating complex rhythmic patterns while maintaining an intuitive understanding of each other's intentions. It's in these moments that the album becomes more than just a collection of songs, but rather an intimate exploration of the creative limits of jazz as an art form.

"Gently Disturbed" isn’t just for the jazz purist; it appeals to a broader audience, offering layers of complexity that invite multiple listenings. It serves as a significant landmark in Avishai Cohen's discography, encapsulating his far-reaching influences and his status as a modern master in the jazz domain.


  1. Seattle
  2. Chutzpan
  3. Lo Baiom Velo Balya
  4. Pinzin Kinzin
  5. Puncha Puncha
  6. Eleven Wives
  7. Gently Disturbed
  8. Ever Evolving Etudes
  9. Variations in G Minor
  10. Umray
  11. Structure in Emotion


  • Avishai CohenBass
  • Mark GuilianaDrums
  • Shai MaestroPiano
  • Ray JeffordProducer
  • Toby LarnderArt and Design
  • Anita CarlssonPhotography (Trio)
  • Deirdre KeaneyPhotography (Solo)

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