Gently Disturbed Songbook : Downloadable Version


Avishai Cohen Trio

Format: Songbook

Explore Avishai Cohen’s creative genius with the “Gently Disturbed” music chart book. Ideal for bassists, pianists, and educators, it’s a precise tool for mastering Cohen’s complex compositions, and a tribute to his influence on contemporary jazz.

Gently Disturbed Songbook : Downloadable Version

Dive deep into the innovative musical world of Avishai Cohen with the authoritative book of music charts for the iconic album, "Gently Disturbed." Designed specifically for bassists and pianists, this collection offers an exceptional tool for mastering the complexities of Cohen's groundbreaking work. Ideal for musicians, educators, and aficionados, this book serves as both a detailed study guide and a lasting testament to Cohen's artistic prowess.

Contained within these pages are meticulously transcribed charts for all the bass and piano parts featured in the "Gently Disturbed" album. These charts illuminate the nuances and intricacies of Cohen's compositions, offering a revealing look into his creative genius. Whether you're tackling the rhythmically complex "The Ever-Evolving Etude" or delving into the emotional undertones of "Variations in G Minor," each chart provides a comprehensive roadmap for navigating these compelling pieces.

The value of this book lies not only in its accuracy but also in its devotion to faithfully representing Cohen's original creations. Each chart has been rigorously reviewed to ensure it reflects the very essence of the "Gently Disturbed" album, thus making it an indispensable resource for both bassists and pianists eager to explore the depth of Cohen's work.

Beyond serving as a mere collection of musical notations, this book stands as a tribute to Avishai Cohen's significant contributions to contemporary jazz. The charts allow you to engage with the album on a structural level, challenging your skills as a bassist or pianist and deepening your appreciation for the multifaceted art of jazz composition.

In summary, this book of bass and piano charts for "Gently Disturbed" is more than just a supplement—it's an essential companion for those dedicated to the craft. It grants an intimate look into the creative genius of one of jazz's modern luminaries, Avishai Cohen, and serves as an enduring source of inspiration for those who aim to master these captivating compositions.

Whether you're a musician seeking to master Cohen's complex bass and piano arrangements or simply an admirer of his work, this book offers unparalleled access to the intricate fabric of "Gently Disturbed." Elevate your understanding and performance of this seminal album by adding this invaluable resource to your collection.

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  1. Seattle
  2. Chutzpan
  3. Lo Baiom Velo Balyla
  4. Pinzin Kinzin
  5. Puncha Puncha
  6. Eleven Wives
  7. Gently Disturbed
  8. The Ever Evolving Etude
  9. Variations in G Minor
  10. Umray
  11. Structure in Emotion

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