Two Roses – CD


Avishai Cohen Trio

Format: CD

Explore “Shifting Sands,” Avishai Cohen’s new jazz album with Trio members Elchin Shirinov and Roni Kaspi. Born during the pandemic and honed live, this record blends individual virtuosity and collective artistry.

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Two Roses – CD

"Two Roses" is not just another album; it's a monumental achievement in the illustrious career of Avishai Cohen, the masterful bassist and composer. This record represents Cohen's foray into the symphonic realm, executed in tandem with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Alexander Hanson. Born from Cohen's long-standing relationship with his compositions and a desire to see them bloom anew, "Two Roses" serves as an evolved sequel to his 2013 album "Almah," where he first blended his jazz trio with a chamber ensemble. The title of the album, "Two Roses," serves as a poignant metaphor, harmonizing the worlds of jazz and classical music into a lush, singular garden of sound.

Cohen's tapestry of musical influences makes "Two Roses" a compelling listen. It integrates a variety of global elements, featuring Afro-Caribbean rhythms, melodies deeply rooted in Israeli folklore, and the diverse intricacies of Sephardi, Ashkenazi, and Yemeni heritages. From his unique take on jazz standards like "Nature Boy" to his originals echoing the musical traditions of North Africa, the Middle East, and Slavic regions, Cohen paints a rich, auditory landscape that defies categorization. In his journey, he is joined by Azerbaijani pianist Elchin Shirinov and New Jersey native drummer Mark Guiliana. Both musicians elevate the project, perfectly attuned to Cohen's distinctive approach to music-making.

What sets "Two Roses" apart is Cohen’s own reflections on the experience of recording with a full-scale orchestra. In his words, "It’s nothing like making a jazz record." Recording with an orchestra becomes a dance of understanding—gauging how the ensemble breathes, moves, and articulates each note. The relationship between the individual and the collective becomes an integral part of the creative process, making this record a unique endeavor that scales the artistic heights of both jazz and classical idioms.

Cohen doesn't just perform; he pours himself into his compositions. "I’ve basically devoted myself to the same songs my whole life," he admits. This album sees him reimagining compositions that have long been part of his musical essence. For instance, his E major arrangement of Thad Jones’ “A Child Is Born,” which dates back to his time with the International Vamp Band, now finds a grandiose, symphonic expression. New compositions like "When I'm Falling" reveal the more personal, autobiographical layers of his artistry, adding a new dimension to his already multifaceted career.

The result of all these elements is an album that feels cinematic in scope. It ebbs and flows like the soundtrack to an epic film, filled with moments of nostalgia, vibrant energy, and soul-stirring emotion. Each track on "Two Roses" serves as a scene in a larger narrative, making for an album that demands to be heard in its entirety. Cohen sums it up as music for a citizen of the world, for whom boundaries and borders are transcended by the universal language of music.

In conclusion, "Two Roses" is not just a musical album; it's a global expedition that takes listeners through time, culture, and emotion. It is a testament to Cohen’s virtuosity and his unyielding quest for musical innovation. Whether you are an aficionado of jazz, a lover of classical compositions, or simply someone in search of an audial journey, "Two Roses" offers an unparalleled experience. It serves as a vivid reminder that music, at its best, is a homeland unto itself, and Avishai Cohen is one of its most distinguished citizens.


  1. Almah Sleeping
  2. When I’m Falling
  3. Song for my Brother
  4. Two Roses (Shnei Shoshanim)
  5. Nature Boy
  6. Emotional Storm
  7. Puncha Puncha
  8. Arab Medley
  9. Child is Born
  10. Alon Basela
  11. Morenika
  12. Nature Talking


  • Avishai CohenVocals, acoustic bass, electric bass, minimoog synthesizer
  • Mark GuilianaDrums
  • Elchin ShirinovPiano
  • Alexander HansonConductor
  • Gothenburg Symphony OrchestraOrchestra
  • Avishai CohenProducer
  • Lars NilssonProducer
  • Lenny Ben BasatProducer

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