Almah – CD


Avishai Cohen

Format: CD

“Almah” by Avishai Cohen blends jazz, classical, and Middle Eastern styles into a captivating orchestral tapestry. Highlighting Cohen’s rich musical heritage, the album offers a seamless fusion of traditions and modern innovation.

Almah – CD

Delve into the rich tapestry of Avishai Cohen's "Almah," an album that stands as a testament to the Israeli composer and double bass virtuoso's incredible range and artistry. Unlike many of his earlier jazz-centered endeavors, "Almah" ventures further afield, embracing a more orchestral texture. With his trademark bass work still at the core, Cohen is accompanied by a host of stringed instruments, enveloping listeners in a grand, emotive atmosphere.

The compositions on "Almah" reflect Cohen's unique ability to seamlessly integrate diverse musical traditions, from Middle Eastern scales to European classical arrangements. Songs like "Children's Song No. 1" and "Overture 'Noam,' Op.1" serve as anchors, drawing listeners into a contemplative state where borders between genres seem to blur and dissolve. This is an album that asks for undivided attention, rewarding the listener with layers of intricate details with each replay.

A standout feature of "Almah" is the use of traditional Jewish themes and liturgical elements. These are not just musical quirks, but a deep dive into Cohen’s cultural identity and heritage. Through his music, he crafts a vivid dialogue between the past and the present, linking ancestral musical traditions with contemporary compositional techniques.

The musicians accompanying Cohen are nothing short of stellar, each contributing to the album's collective brilliance. The result is a stunning interplay of instruments and styles, moving cohesively under Cohen's visionary guidance. Whether it is the lamenting cello or the soaring violin, each instrument finds its voice, contributing to the album’s complex emotional and musical narrative.

One cannot ignore the album's structural genius. The track sequence is deliberately designed to take the listener on a journey, weaving through varying moods and themes that are at once intimate and grandiose. From the first note to the last, "Almah" unfurls like a well-crafted story, offering catharsis, reflection, and an enhanced appreciation for musical diversity.

In summary, "Almah" is more than just an album; it's a musical exploration into the depths of cultural identity, emotional expression, and genre-defying brilliance. For aficionados of Avishai Cohen's work or for those discovering him for the first time, this album is a critical addition to any comprehensive music collection.


  1. Overture 'Noam' Op.1
  2. Song For My Brother
  3. On A Black Horse/Linearity
  4. A Child Is Born
  5. Arab Medley
  6. Southern Lullaby
  7. Hayo Hayta
  8. Shlosre
  9. Kefel
  10. Humi Venetse Hasadeh


  • Avishai CohenDouble & electric bass, vocals
  • Nitai HershkovitsPiano
  • Ofri NehemyaDrums (except #10)
  • Cordelia HagmannViolin (except #10)
  • Amit LandauViola (except #10)
  • Noam Haimovitz WeinscheViola
  • Yael ShapiraCello
  • Yoram LachishOboe and English Horn
  • Amir BreslerDrums (on #10)
  • Keren TannenbaumViolin (on #10)
  • Galia HaiViola (on #10)
  • Fazioli piano provided by Piano World, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Lars NilssonProducer
  • Avishai CohenProducer
  • Ray JeffordExecutive Producer