Arvoles – CD


Avishai Cohen Trio

Format: CD

“Avishai Cohen’s ‘Arvoles’ is a riveting blend of jazz, Eastern European folklore, and Middle Eastern melodies that captivates both new and seasoned listeners.”

Arvoles – CD

Step into a rich and compelling musical world with "Arvoles," an album where the gifted jazz bassist Avishai Cohen unfolds an intricate panorama of aural landscapes. With a reputation for blending a variety of musical traditions into his work, Cohen masterfully integrates elements from Eastern European folklore, Western classical themes, and Middle Eastern musical influences to create a cohesive jazz narrative that is both layered and mesmerizing.

Joining Cohen on this expedition of sound are the highly skilled Elchin Shirinov on piano and Noam David on drums. Together as a trio, they lift the musical compositions to new artistic heights, traversing a range of emotional states—from moments of quiet reflection with introspective melodies to the energetic pulse of exuberant tunes that spark joy and vitality.

"Arvoles" is a balanced mix of original compositions and traditional adaptations, offering listeners a glimpse into Cohen's evolving artistry. Tracks like "When I'm Falling" deeply engage the audience, exploring intricate emotional complexities and revealing hidden vulnerabilities of the human soul. On the other hand, numbers like "Face Me" enthral listeners with their gripping narratives, adorned with complex rhythms and sublime melodies.

Beyond the musical compositions, what sets "Arvoles" apart is its broad appeal. The album not only satisfies the technical and artistic demands of seasoned jazz enthusiasts but also serves as an accessible gateway for those venturing into the jazz genre for the first time. With this project, Cohen effectively dismantles musical and cultural boundaries, employing jazz as a global language capable of uniting an eclectic mix of listeners from varying backgrounds.

For those keen on embarking on a musical journey that moves beyond the conventional, "Arvoles" offers a deeply enriching auditory experience that bridges different cultures and speaks volumes through the power of music. It's more than just an album; it's a testament to Cohen's status as one of the most innovative and influential voices in contemporary jazz.


  1. Simonero
  2. Arvoles
  3. Face Me
  4. Gesture #2
  5. Elchinov
  6. Childhood (For Carmel)
  7. Gesture #1
  8. Nostalgia
  9. New York 90's
  10. Wings


  • Avishai CohenBass
  • Elchin Shirinov Piano
  • Noam DavidDrums
  • Anders HagbergFlute
  • Björn SamuelssonTrombone

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