All Original – CD



Format: CD

Explore the eclectic jazz fusion in “All Original” from Razdaz Recordz. This album elegantly melds classic jazz with modern nuances, offering a vibrant auditory journey through well-crafted compositions, showcasing the synergy and artistry of the involved musicians.

All Original – CD

Embark on a diverse musical voyage with the album "All Original" from Razdaz Recordz, a meticulous collection that stands as a testament to the eclectic nature of contemporary jazz. This album serves as a cauldron where musical ingenuity thrives, fusing traditional jazz elements with modern musical nuances. From the very first track, listeners are introduced to a realm where each note carries a story, where rhythmic patterns and harmonic structures paint vibrant auditory scenes. "All Original" invites its audience into a realm filled with inventive melodies and robust rhythms, promising a rich listening experience.

Each track on "All Original" is a narrative, eloquently told through intricate arrangements and a synergy between the artists involved. The compositions reflect a profound respect for jazz traditions while courageously exploring unchartered musical territories. The interplay between the musicians highlights a keen sense of camaraderie and a shared vision that dances through the sultry bass lines, eloquent piano chords, and the sprightly cadence of drums. The album’s title, "All Original," is not merely a statement, but a bold proclamation of its authentic and fresh sonic offerings.

Delving deeper into the album reveals a meticulous craftsmanship. Every note, every pause is placed with intention, showcasing a level of mastery that speaks volumes of the artists’ dedication to their craft. The production is polished, ensuring that each musical layer is discernible, providing a clean yet complex auditory landscape. The album's engineering allows for a pristine sound that complements the organic nature of the compositions, ensuring that listeners can fully immerse themselves in the rich musical tapestry presented.

"All Original" pays homage to jazz's classic era while seamlessly integrating contemporary elements. The inventive renditions and explorative musicianship displayed in this album are reminiscent of a lively and spirited jazz club ambiance. The blend of various musical styles within a jazz framework showcases a forward-thinking approach that's both refreshing and intriguing. Each track offers a unique flavor, keeping the listener engaged and expectant of the next musical phrase.

The album also serves as a platform for each musician to showcase their individual prowess, yet it’s the collective effort that truly shines. The chemistry among the players is palpable, creating a vibrant live feel that's both invigorating and soothing. The shared musical dialogue within "All Original" is an invitation for listeners to explore the multifaceted world of jazz, to appreciate the spontaneity and the disciplined structure that coexist in this beautiful art form.

In conclusion, "All Original" from Razdaz Recordz is not merely an album; it’s a carefully curated musical journey that showcases the expansive and dynamic nature of jazz. The blend of traditional and modern, the synergy between the musicians, and the well-crafted compositions make this album a valuable addition to the modern jazz discourse. It invites listeners to not only enjoy the musical pieces but to delve deeper into the creative and explorative spirit that jazz embodies.


  1. Fraht a Sad - Omri Mor
  2. Memories of a Visionary - Ofri Nehemya Quartet
  3. Shnatz - Jupiter
  4. Doira - Shachar Elnatan Quartet
  5. Jupiter - Jupiter
  6. Atlas - Omri Mor
  7. Break Through - Ofri Nehemya Quartet
  8. Ease the Insanity - Shachar Elnatan Quartet
  9. Oltremare - Nitai Hershkovits