1970 – CD


Avishai Cohen

Format: CD

“Avishai Cohen’s ‘1970’ explores new territory in pop and R&B, featuring standout tracks and blending genres. A must-listen for fans of musical innovation.”

1970 – CD

Unveiling an adventurous and unexpected side of his musical persona, Avishai Cohen's "1970" serves as a fascinating departure from his traditional jazz roots. While his iconic bass lines still serve as the backbone, Cohen ventures into the realms of pop, R&B, and Middle Eastern melodies, taking listeners on a journey through an eclectic mix of musical landscapes.

Hits like "Song of Hope" and "My Lady" stand as striking examples of Cohen's versatility, featuring catchy hooks and a buoyant rhythm that makes them instantly memorable. Yet, even as he explores these new musical avenues, the essence of his jazz virtuosity shines through, imbuing each song with a layer of complexity and sophistication.

This album is not just a collection of tunes; it's an exploration of Cohen's multifaceted artistry. He displays his vocal talents more prominently here than on most of his previous works, adding a personal touch that resonates on an emotional level. The arrangements are richly textured, blending electronic elements with organic instruments to create a sound that is modern yet timeless.

Assembled alongside Cohen is an ensemble of musicians who bring their own flavors to this musical feast. Their talents help expand the borders of Cohen's compositions, elevating them from songs to evocative musical stories. Each track, while unique in its own right, contributes to a cohesive narrative that captivates from start to finish.

"1970" serves as both an ideal entry point for newcomers to Avishai Cohen's work and a delightful surprise for long-time fans. It captures the essence of Cohen's artistic journey, showcasing his willingness to transcend genres and embrace new challenges. With its sweeping melodies, intricate arrangements, and heartfelt vocals, "1970" stands as a testament to Avishai Cohen's indefatigable spirit of musical exploration.


  1. Song of Hope
  2. My Lady
  3. It's Been So Long
  4. Se'i Yona
  5. Emptiness
  6. For No One
  7. Motherless Child
  8. D'ror Yikra
  9. Move On
  10. Ha ahava
  11. Vamonos Pa'i Monte
  12. Blinded