Shifting Sands Songbook : Downloadable Version


Avishai Cohen Trio

Format: Songbook

Delve into Avishai Cohen’s creativity with the “Shifting Sands Songbook,” showcasing piano and bass charts from his album. Explore standout tracks like “Intertwined,” “Window,” offering a rewarding journey into Cohen’s innovative jazz fusion style.

Shifting Sands Songbook : Downloadable Version

Immerse yourself in the intricate compositions of Avishai Cohen with the "Shifting Sands Songbook," a specialized collection of music charts from his mesmerizing album "Shifting Sands." Thoughtfully tailored for piano and bass, this compilation serves as an invaluable asset for musicians, educators, and all who appreciate Cohen's groundbreaking approach to jazz. The songbook presents a golden opportunity to delve into the album's rich textures and harmonies, offering a fulfilling musical experience to both seasoned and aspiring musicians.

Within this curated volume, you'll find detailed charts for standout tracks like "Intertwined," "Window," and "Dvash." These charts serve as your guide to the complex but accessible compositions that have made "Shifting Sands" an enduring work in the contemporary jazz landscape. Additional pieces such as "Joy," "Below," and the eponymous "Shifting Sands" offer a well-rounded look at Cohen's innovative style, blending elements of jazz with influences from around the globe.

The "Shifting Sands Songbook" is more than just a collection of music charts; it's a tribute to Cohen's innovative style and artistic evolution. The compilation encapsulates the diverse thematic range of the "Shifting Sands" album, from the rhythmic allure of "Cha Cha Rom" to the evocative melodies of "Hitragut." It offers an intimate look into Cohen's creative process, allowing musicians to explore and interpret these compelling compositions in their own unique way.

Engaging with the charts in this songbook offers a deeper insight into Cohen's artistry. The compositions in "Shifting Sands" are not just songs but layered musical stories that invite listeners and players alike to delve into their intricate narratives. Pieces like "Videogame" and "Kinderblock" offer a variety of rhythmic and melodic challenges, providing a rewarding experience for those eager to expand their musical horizons.

To sum it up, the "Shifting Sands Songbook" is a must-have for those who admire the creative genius of Avishai Cohen. It includes a wide array of compositions that showcase Cohen's technical prowess and emotional depth, making it both an inspiring and challenging resource for musicians looking to deepen their understanding and execution of contemporary jazz.

Embark on an enriching musical journey with this meticulously compiled collection. The "Shifting Sands Songbook" is not merely a set of charts—it's a voyage into the imaginative and emotionally resonant world of one of today's leading jazz artists. Add it to your collection and savor the profound experience of interacting intimately with the musical landmarks that define Cohen's "Shifting Sands" album.

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  1. Intertwined
  2. Window
  3. Dvash
  4. Joy
  5. Below
  6. Shifting Sands
  7. Cha Cha Rom
  8. Hitragut
  9. Videogame
  10. Kinderblock
  11. Lokum

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