From Darkness – CD


Avishai Cohen Trio

Format: CD

with pianist Nitai Hershkovits and drummer Daniel Dor. The album blends harmonic sophistication with deep emotional resonance, showcasing the seamless chemistry among the musicians and affirming Cohen’s innovative role in contemporary jazz.

From Darkness – CD

Step into the sonic tapestry that is "From Darkness," a seminal work by jazz luminary Avishai Cohen. Known for his intricate bass work and boundary-pushing compositions, Cohen reaches new heights with this release. The album functions as an intimate musical dialogue between Cohen and his ensemble, featuring the nimble pianism of Nitai Hershkovits and the rhythmic ingenuity of drummer Daniel Dor.

Opening with tracks like "Amethyst" and "C# Minor," the listener is immediately plunged into a realm of harmonic complexity and rhythmic sophistication, all carried by Cohen's masterful bass lines. These songs serve as a prelude to the emotional richness that unfolds throughout the album. Whether it's the introspective melancholy of "Ballad for an Unborn" or the upbeat tempo of "Lost Tribe," each piece offers a unique emotional and musical narrative.

What sets "From Darkness" apart is its unyielding focus on the chemistry between the musicians. It's as if Cohen, Hershkovits, and Dor are speaking a secret language, each note a word, each song a conversation. The trio navigates through shifting time signatures and expansive harmonic landscapes with a sense of unity that only comes from years of collaboration.

In the world of jazz, where improvisation is often the cornerstone, "From Darkness" emerges as a well-thought-out conceptual piece, revealing its layers slowly with each listen. Beyond just individual virtuosity, the album highlights how well Cohen, Hershkovits, and Dor listen to each other, making room for nuance and subtlety in their musical interactions.

For both longtime fans and newcomers to Avishai Cohen's music, "From Darkness" is a deep well of musical treasures. The record not only encapsulates Cohen’s creative genius but also reflects the wider landscape of contemporary jazz. It is a showcase of how the genre can be stretched and expanded, yet remain rooted in tradition, making it an essential addition to any jazz aficionado's collection.


  1. Beyond
  2. Abie
  3. Halelyah
  4. C#
  5. Ballad for an Unborn
  6. From Darkness
  7. Lost Tribe
  8. Almah Sleeping
  9. Signature
  10. Amethyst
  11. Smile


  • Avishai CohenBass
  • Nitai HershkovitsPiano
  • Daniel DorDrums
  • Ray JeffordExecutive Producer
  • Nicola KingProject Coordinator
  • Toby LarnderArt Design
  • Seda Ozguven ErdoganFront cover photo

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