1970 – Vinyl


Avishai Cohen Trio

Format: 12" Vinyl

The vinyl release of “1970” by Avishai Cohen melds his bass virtuosity with pop, soul, and folk, reinvigorating a pivotal musical era for modern ears, offering a warm auditory journey that bridges genres and generations, making it a luxurious, enduring addition to any record collection.

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1970 – Vinyl

Step back in time while embracing the present with "1970," a vintage masterpiece by acclaimed bassist Avishai Cohen, now reinvigorated in a stunning vinyl release. This album captures an era, blending Cohen's unparalleled mastery of the bass with elements of pop, soul, and folk music. Revived for modern ears, the vinyl edition of "1970" is a vital acquisition for anyone who values musical virtuosity paired with nostalgic depth.

Originally released at a pivotal moment in musical history, "1970" encapsulates a confluence of genres, giving listeners a glimpse into Cohen's versatility. Drawing upon pop sensibilities, soulful lyrics, and folk undertones, the album defies categorization. Its presence on vinyl offers a warm, textured experience, transforming each spin into a unique auditory journey. The tactile sensation of dropping the needle on this vintage remastered piece is a tangible connection to the golden era it emerged from.

"1970" is as much an ensemble feat as it is a reflection of Cohen's brilliance. The lineup features exceptional musicians whose diverse talents synergize with Cohen's bass, creating a sonic tapestry that is both intricate and soul-stirring. Whether it's the ethereal vocals or the pulsating rhythms, each instrument and voice complements Cohen's central narrative, making the entire album greater than the sum of its parts.

Track by track, the album unfolds like a well-crafted story, capturing everything from the zeitgeist of its titular year to timeless human emotions. From love anthems to introspective ballads, "1970" is a chameleon of an album that constantly surprises the listener. This vinyl edition breathes new life into classics while introducing a younger audience to the virtuosity that is Avishai Cohen.

The release of "1970" on vinyl is not just a revival; it's an homage to an era and to the perpetual allure of physical media. It invites you to engage with music in a tactile, enduring way, in contrast to the ephemeral nature of digital streams. It's a luxurious addition to any record collection, one that warrants multiple listens to fully absorb its layered nuances.

In summary, the vinyl release of "1970" by Avishai Cohen is a multi-faceted gem that beckons listeners of all ages. It bridges generational gaps, unites various musical styles, and above all, showcases Cohen's unmatched virtuosity. This isn't just a listening experience; it's an invitation to engage deeply with a formative moment in musical history. Add it to your collection and relish in the richness of an album that remains as relevant today as it was over five decades ago.


  1. Song Of Hope
  2. My Lady
  3. Its Been So Long
  4. Se'i Yona
  5. Emptiness
  6. For No One
  7. Motherless Child
  8. D'ror Yikra
  9. Move On
  10. Ha'ahava
  11. Vamonos Pa'l Monte
  12. Blinded

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