Adama – CD


Avishai Cohen

Format: CD

“Adama” by Avishai Cohen artfully melds jazz, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European influences, featuring groundbreaking bass work and rich compositions.

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Adama – CD

Avishai Cohen's "Adama" is more than just a jazz album; it's an exploration of sounds that span the globe, from Middle Eastern tonalities to Eastern European rhythms. Famed for his extraordinary skills as a bassist, Cohen also excels as a composer, offering a set of tracks that are not only technically impressive but emotionally resonant. The album serves as an ideal introduction to those unfamiliar with his oeuvre, as well as a rich addition to the collections of long-time fans.

Incorporating elements of modern jazz, classical influences, and the music of his Israeli heritage, Cohen synthesizes a tapestry of sound that is at once unique and universal. He uses the acoustic bass as the central instrument, but the album also features an ensemble of talented musicians who add layers of complexity to Cohen's compositions. Instruments like the piano, the trumpet, and various percussion instruments frequently make their appearance, weaving in and out of Cohen's masterful bass lines.

One of the most striking elements of "Adama" is its emotional range. Whether he's tapping into the joyous, the melancholic, or the profoundly spiritual, Cohen communicates emotion with a rare clarity. This is an album that can be enjoyed for its surface-level beauty but also delved into for its numerous layers of subtlety and depth.

The album's title, "Adama," which means "earth" in Hebrew, encapsulates its essence perfectly. It's grounded yet expansive, much like the planet it takes its name from. Listeners are likely to come away from the experience with a greater appreciation for both the technical virtuosity required to perform this music and the emotional virtuosity required to conceive it.

"Adama" is a must-listen for anyone interested in contemporary jazz, but it also holds broader appeal. It's an exploration of the roots and branches of music, and how these can be twisted, turned, and woven into something new. Cohen delivers a transformative experience that invites listeners to think differently about the boundaries of musical genre, the capabilities of instruments, and the emotional impact of art.

Whether you are new to Avishai Cohen's work or a dedicated follower, "Adama" is an essential addition to your musical library. With its potent mix of technical prowess and emotional depth, it invites repeated listens, each one revealing new facets of its complex, multifaceted artistry.


  1. Ora
  2. Madrid
  3. Bass Suite #1
  4. Reunion Of The Souls
  5. Dror
  6. No Change
  7. Bass & Bone Fantasy
  8. Adama
  9. Bass Suite #2
  10. Besame Mucho
  11. Gadu
  12. Jasonity


  • Avishai CohenBass
  • Claudia AcunaVocals
  • Steve WilsonSoprano Saxophone
  • Steve DavisTrombone
  • Jason LindnerPiano
  • Brad MehldauPiano
  • Danilo PerezPiano
  • Chick CoreaFender Rhodes
  • Amos HoffmanGuitar, Oud
  • Jeff BallardDrums, Percussion
  • Jordy RossiDrums
  • Don AliasCongas