CAIPI – Vinyl


Kurt Rosenwinkel

Format: 12" Vinyl

“Caipi” by Kurt Rosenwinkel is a sonic adventure blending jazz, indie rock, and Brazilian vibes. With Rosenwinkel’s multi-instrumental mastery, each track offers a unique narrative, showcasing musical innovation and heartfelt emotions in a polished production.

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CAIPI – Vinyl

Embark on a musical adventure with Kurt Rosenwinkel’s album "Caipi," a blend of tantalizing soundscapes that promises to captivate listeners from start to finish. Known for his groundbreaking approach to jazz, Rosenwinkel embraces a fresher, more evocative sound in "Caipi." The album is an endearing endeavor that not only showcases his adept guitar work but also reveals his prowess as a drummer, keyboardist, and vocalist. "Caipi" is a self-produced masterpiece that reflects Rosenwinkel's profound exploration of indie rock, jazz, and Brazilian music, delivering a soundscape that's both lush and evocatively colorful.

As you delve into the album, you will encounter tracks that effortlessly combine serene melodies with rich rhythmic textures. The title track “Caipi” encapsulates the thematic essence of the album with its delicate yet engaging melody that's reminiscent of the Brazilian countryside. Tracks like “Ezra” and “Hold On” further exemplify Rosenwinkel’s capacity to merge complex harmonies with a straightforward yet emotionally driven narrative. The fluidity of genres and heartfelt musicianship keeps the listener anchored, waiting to discover the next musical narrative.

The album further stands out due to Rosenwinkel’s meticulous production. Every track has been crafted with precision, ensuring that each note and beat resonates with the listener on a personal level. The mixing is clean and allows for every instrument to shine through, from the enchanting guitar riffs to the punchy drum beats. This polished production complements the emotional depth embedded within the album, offering a robust yet intimate musical experience.

What makes "Caipi" an enthralling listen is the effortless blend of various musical influences. The fusion of contemporary jazz, indie rock, and Brazilian sounds creates a unique auditory palette that’s innovative and refreshing. The album offers a nod to Rosenwinkel's jazz roots while boldly stepping into new musical territories, thus showing a daring yet sincere artistic evolution.

"Caipi" also serves as a testament to Rosenwinkel's diverse musical talent. Not only does he play most of the instruments on the album, but he also ventures into singing, which adds a personal touch to the narrative of the music. His honest vocal delivery, paired with his instrumental versatility, provides a richly textured sonic landscape that’s rare and exhilarating.

In conclusion, "Caipi" by Kurt Rosenwinkel is more than just a musical album; it's a journey that invites listeners into a world of innovative sounds and heartfelt emotions. Its masterful blending of diverse musical elements results in an album that’s engaging, inspiring, and evocative. Whether you are a jazz aficionado or someone exploring Rosenwinkel's work for the first time, "Caipi" is a treasure trove of musical exploration that echoes with authenticity and creative prowess.


  1. Caipi
  2. Kama
  3. Casio Vanguard
  4. Summer Song
  5. Chromatic B
  6. Interscape
  7. Little B
  8. Hold On
  9. Little Dream
  10. Casio Escher
  11. Little b

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